Date Day: Fruit Picking

Having been in a relationship for over 3 years, dates kind of get left behind. The idea of “date night” makes me absolutely cringe so I decided to think of an alternative date idea that we would both love and that didn’t cost much.


Near us, there is a huge fruit farm called Hendrewennol where you can pick your own fruit for just £1 entry, so without telling Tom where we were going, we jumped in the car & I directed us there. We both LOVE berries & I have never been fruit picking before so it was perfect.


We had the best day, the sun was out and it was a gorgeous. We packed a picnic and ambled around the fields picking blueberries, raspberries,gooseberries and strawberries. It’s such a lovely feeling being able to pick berries from a bush & eat them straight away, they tasted delicious and so fresh. I would definitely recommend taking a relaxing afternoon gander round your local pick your own fruit farm.


Hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far

Eliza Days xo



August Goals

  1. Spend Less: This month, I’m really going to try to keep track of what I’m spending. I’ve never been a saver and am renowned in my family to be terrible with money. So throughout August I’m going to try to spend less on things I really don’t need.
  2. Take more pictures: whenever I do something memorable or fun, I never take pictures because I always try to focus on being there and not seeing it through a lens. The other day for example, we walked up the Glastonbury Tor and I was so busy taking it in, I hardly took any pictures. I know this isn’t a bad thing, but I’d really like to be able to look back on pictures and remember the experience through them.
  3. Appreciate small gestures: when someone does something for you so frequently, it becomes the norm and I think we stop appreciating it as much. Something like being brought a cup of tea every morning is something I take for granted now that I really shouldn’t, so throughout August I’m going to make sure I appreciate all the small things in daily life.
  4. Meal planning: with some serious inspo from ViviannaDoesMakeup, I’m going to open up the cook books armed with post it notes and meal plan the whole week, do a food shop based on that & try my very best to stick to it.
  5. Cooking from scratch: this leads on nicely from the last point. I have recently become really lazy in the kitchen and I’ve tended to choose convenience over spending some quality time creating meals from scratch. Over the next month I’m going to dedicate more time to planning and cooking meals from scratch. It’s something I really enjoy so I need to find time for it in my day.


Hope you all have a wonderful month,

Eliza Days xo

Latest Lip Love: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

I’m just sat with a cup of tea, listening to the rain pouring down outside watching Adele at Glastonbury for the 4th time (how amazing is she!!) and thought I’d pour my heart out about my new lip obsession!

When I was younger, I was all about the red lip. It was my trade mark to the extent that after 2 weeks of my school teacher’s persistent nagging to take it off, they accepted that it wasn’t going anywhere. Despite this, in the last year or so I’ve been expanding my lipstick/gloss/cream collection and some nudey nudes have made an appearance. I’ve also veered away from matte lipsticks (which I used to be obsessed with & have been playing around with lip creams and liquid lipsticks.

My current faves are the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. The feeling of these on your lips and the consistency is to die for, they feel SO luxurious & OMG they are such a bargain at £5.50 in Boots. I love how compact and small they are, so perfect for throwing in your bag/pocket on the go and also so good for travelling – you can definitely justify taking along 3 0r 4 for a week away hah!



They come in SO MANY different shades. My favourite 2 (so far) are Stockholm and Milan. Stockholm is a gorgeous brown toned nude and is so good for every day wear. Milan is a much brighter pinky colour and is so perfect for summer. They have some serious lasting power considering the price (unless, like me, you’re partial to a gigantic burger, then it just ends up all over the bun)  and when they do start to wear off, they don’t leave any noticeable lines around your lips, nor do they crack and crease. This also makes it so easy to re-apply.

These matte lip creams have stolen the show, beauty wise, this month so I’m off to Boots to pick up a few more, yay!


I hope you’ve had a great weekend & enjoyed watching all the Glastonbury highlights (or if you were lucky enough, are now recovering from the epic mud bath itself)

Bye for now,

Eliza Days xx

Sunsets & Confusion – Being 20

Oh I do love being at home. I would now consider myself a fully fledged Cardiffian (I’m at uni there, my boyfriend lives there and I guess that’s where my life is now) BUT I’m still struggling to let go of calling West Wales ‘home’ & I guess I don’t have to. Whenever I come back to Aberaeron I feel completely content and relaxed in my surroundings. I don’t over think anything, stress about anything or feel like I should be doing things constantly. My brain just chills out.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 22.46.07

Now that the weather is getting a bit nicer too, when I come back we (we = me & my family) spend time sitting on the harbour wall, watching the tide come in and going for a late night swim in the sea. We sit in the garden drinking tea all afternoon and go out for lunch and sit in the beer gardens eating honey ice cream. It’s just pure bliss. Also, the sunsets here are out of this world!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 22.54.30

I really do love Cardiff, I’m not denying that, & being there does make me really happy! But there is just something so wonderful about coming ‘home home’ as I call it.

Being 20 is a strange age, we’re kind of half way between being fully fledged, rent paying, grocery shopping adults and being stroppy teenagers who need our washing picked up from where we dropped it and a roast made for us on a Sunday. I guess we need to embrace it, your 20’s are of course the best years of your life…but it’s also such a confusing time. If you’re a uni student or have moved away from home, you also have the ‘home home’ thing going on & if you’re anything like me, are stuck between wondering where ‘home’ really is.

This really has been a rambling post that hasn’t gone anywhere but it’s just something I wanted to talk about. I probably seem so ungrateful, moaning about where I call home when I’m lucky to have a home but, ah, those first world problems! Does anyone else feel like this or am I just making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Eliza Days xo

Tanya Burr Cosmetics: Rosy Flush Cheek Palette Review

For months, I’ve been in the market for a perfect cheek palette with a bronzer/contour, blush and highlighter. I’ve never been a fan of cream formulas so I was looking specifically for something powder based. When I was browsing through I spotted Tanya Burr’s cheek palette & at such a great price, I didn’t think twice about throwing it in my basket.

image1 (2)

I really did not expect the palette itself to be SO big. It is so much bigger than I thought and also, it comes with a really big mirror on the inside. The packaging is really pretty and very sturdy but quite chunky so it isn’t perfect for travelling light. However, it does have 3 key products in one so maybe it can be a compromise.

All three products look quite shimmery in the pan but it doesn’t come off too much on the skin, which is great. At first, I thought the Beach Bronze shade looked a bit on the orange side, but on my skin it’s very subtle and not orange at all. The formula is great and has awesome staying power. My only issue with it is that the brush picks up so much product that I have to dust a load off before putting it near my face because the powder is quite loose.

image1 (4)The blush shade, Pretty Peony, is so so lovely! It’s a perfect pinky summer shade but it can be quite in your face if you aren’t light handed with it. You really only need to swirl your brush a tiny bit as it is very pigmented. The coral undertones and slight shimmer make it perfect for your summer holiday too. Once again, it is quite loose and powdery so it does get quite messy.

So far, I’m not a huge fan of the highlighter Oyster Shell. It’s a little to white on my skin and is more shimmery than I would like. It does have great staying power though, so if you have fairer skin this would be a good option.

image1 (5)

Overall, for £5.35 this palette is really all you need for summer cheeks. The formula is really good quality, if a little loose, but the pigmentation of all three is great and the packaging is super pretty – what more do you need?


Eliza Days xo

My Daily Make-Up Routine

When it comes to my daily face, I don’t change things up all too often. I tend to stick to what I know and what I think looks good (with minimum effort). So I thought I’d take you step by step through my current daily make-up routine.

Step 1: After smothering my face with the Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream, I use a pump and a half of Loreal’s True Match Foundation and dab it over my face with my finger. I then use the Real Techniques Buffing brush to blend it in.

image1 (8)

Step 2: I use a light shade of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer under my eyes and apply the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer on any spots and around my nose before blending it all in with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Step 3: I then pile on the power all over my face. I use Rimmel Stay Matte powder using a big fluffy brush from Wilkos.

image1 (7)

image1 (4)

Step 4: For a subtle day-to-day contour, Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer works really well  at making my face less round and podgy and actually gives a bit of definition to my barely there cheek bones. I use the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Arched Powder brush for this.

Step 5: For blush, I use Benefit Dandelion for blusher and apply that using the Blush Brush from Real Techniques.

image1 (3)

Step 6: I’m one of those girls who brushes her eyebrows but not her hair, so I brush through my eyebrows and fill them in really lightly with the pencil end of Soap and Glory’s Brow Archery.

image1 (5)

Step 7: On a day-to-day basis, I tend to skip eye shadow, but if I do fancy it then I put on Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate and blend it out with my finger.

Step 8: I then cover my eyelashes in about 300 layers of Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara.

image1 (6)

Step 9: To finish, I apply the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the shade 5.

& that is my daily “what I put on my face” routine.

If anyone has any new subtle daily blush recommendations, I would love to hear them!

Eliza Days xo

Juicy Juices – My red berry & green juice recipes

Recently, I have 100% jumped on the juicing band wagon. I don’t really eat enough fruit & veg as I find it hard to incorporate 5 a day into my daily diet so by having 1 or 2 juices a day, I’m getting everything I need without the hassle.

It’s taken much trial and error (and some really gross juice concoctions ) to find my 2 favourites, but now that I have, I make them every day. So, I thought I’d share them with you.


image1 (2) copy

1: Green Juice 

This juice is probably the healthiest juice out of the 2 as it doesn’t have too much natural sugar in.

  • I chop up half a pear, a whole kiwi, half a banana & a floret of broccoli alongside a handful of blueberries, a handful of mixed kale and spinach and throw it all into a blending jug.
  • I then add a teaspoon of chia seeds, a teaspoon of flax seeds and a tablespoon of mixed seeds.
  • Add a squeeze of lime before filling the blending jug a quarter full with apple juice then filling it up to just over half way (depending on how thick you want the juice to be) with coconut water & then just blend it all up.

image1 (2)

2: Red Berry Juice

This is my fave juice out of the 2 because it’s so sweet and tastes like strawberries.

image1 (5)

  • I use the other half of the pear and half a carrot & put them in the blending jug.
  • I then add a handful of blueberries and raspberries.
  • I cut 5 or 6 strawberries in half and add them on top before measuring out a teaspoon each of chia seeds and flax seeds and a tablespoon of mixed seeds.
  • As this juice is so sweet from the natural sugars in the fruit, I leave out the apple juice and fill the bending jug a little over half way full with coconut water.
  • Blend it up and it’s done!

image1 (4)

Both juices are so filling that I have them for breakfast most mornings. They’re so quick and easy to make however, it does get quite expensive buying fresh fruit & veg sometimes so I keep a bag of frozen berries and spinach in the freezer to make a quick juice on a budget.

*continues gulping juice in the hope for a summer body*

Eliza Days xo


The Mascara That Stole My Heart – Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara

I’ll be the first to admit that I am an absolute mascara whore. I never ever stick to the same one, chopping and changing most days as well as piling 2 or 3 different mascara’s on at once that all claim to do a different job: lengthening, volumizing, separating!

This was until I purchased the Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara on a whim a few weeks back.

IMG_7894 (2)


It has quite a long, thin wand & is has bristles instead of a plastic wand, which I love! It really does separate and lengthen my eyelashes and is so buildable, which is great considering I layer mascara’s quite heavily. It doesn’t clump or have any drop down either. The packaging is quit lightweight and the applicator is really easy and comfortable to hold.



This mascara claims to tint your lashes gradually as you wear it. Now I’ve been wearing it every day for around 2 weeks now and I haven’t noticed a difference at all. That is my only criticism. But, I am willing to glance over that because the mascara is SO DARN GREAT! & to top it all off, it’s only £7.99 in Boots – bargain!

What’s your fave mascara?

Eliza Days xo



Sunny Daze – Looking Forward to Summer

Summer is 100% my favourite season by far. My mood is completely dependant on the weather so when it’s sunny, my mood is sunny. There is nothing better than waking up to the sun glaring through the window and knowing that any spare time that day can be spent outside.

I’m a complete sun worshiper (of course, covered in SPF) & I love everything to do with summer. But, here are the top 5 things I am most looking forward to about the great British summer:

  1. Freedom: As a university student, summer means freedom from lectures & deadlines. I can’t wait to not have to constantly be thinking about an assignment and have total free time to read what I want, spend time with friends & family and focus on my blog.
  2. Sunbathing: I know it isn’t particularly sunny in the UK, and of course we do still get rain but I am so excited for those days where temperatures climb and the sun peeks from behind the clouds. I’m excited to sit in the garden with a cold lemonade and listen to George Ezra on repeat for hours – heaven!
  3. Summer clothes: I’m really not very good at winter fashion. I get quite warm so big, knitted jumpers and layers don’t really agree with me. In general, I just find dressing in winter really difficult so, I cannot wait to bring out dresses and skirts and live in flip-flops again.
  4. BBQ’s: myself & my friends have had a few already but I can’t wait to spontaneously decide to light the BBQ & cook some salmon or burgers for dinner. I love the smell of my clothes and hair after sitting around a BBQ drinking Pimms and stuffing my face.
  5. Family: obviously I live away from home (well, I guess Cardiff is my home now, sort of) but away from my family anyway, so summer means having loads of free time to go home and visit them & also, my younger brother and nephews aren’t in school so they can come and visit me too. I can’t wait to go home & sit on the harbour wall, drink Pimms and watch the sunset – that’s what summer is all about.



Eliza Days xo

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick – My Thoughts

I’ve been through many lip phases in the past 2 years. Initially I was all about bright red, matte lipsticks, with my favourite being the Chanel Rouge Allure in the shade Coromandel (98). I then moved towards a lower maintenance look, using the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, mainly in shade 5. More recently, with the rising popularity of liquid lipsticks, I’ve become more inclined to branch out of my comfort zone and give them a try.




The first one I have tried is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. I got it in the shade Don’t Pink Out (10). The colour is a gorgeous plum toned dark pink and is a very warm colour. It’s very opaque but not in a gloopy, sticky way.

I absolutely adore the formula of this product. It goes on so smoothly, even covering chapped lips and it’s so comfortable to wear. Also, it is SO SOFT. The applicator is pretty standard but even so, it still manages to give you a lil’ precision when you’re trying to draw in a cupid’s bow.

It has some serious longevity, I even ate a burger and there was still some product on my lips – an achievement? Definitely. It’s also really easy to reapply, so there’s no faff in having to remove it all to start again, you can just top it up throughout the day and it builds comfortably. The packaging is really teeny so it’s perfect to throw in your handbag (or in my case, my coat pocket, I’m not enough of an ‘adult’ to carry a bag around yet, ha!)

Overall, I am loving this liquid lipstick & I’m going to have to pop out and invest in a few more shades, this one will be making very regular appearances on my face.

Eliza Days xo